2 States - The Movie

A couple of things struck me a lot in this movie. Krish Malohthra being appreciated by his father-in-law on his decision of quitting his work at the bank to become a writer, after he's earned enough money is one of those. Ananya clearly stating that she doesn't know how to cook, at all, is another moment that struck me a lot. These two scenes stood out in my head even as I left the theater. Of course, it is a love story and not a bad one either. Some parts in the ending clearly gets you a little bit teary.

One character I really liked in this movie is that of Krish's mom, potrayed wonderfully by Amrita Singh, a bustling Punjabi woman. You hate her, yet you love her. You know she's good at heart, loving, caring, adjusted so much with her husband who practically hates her and has struggled to take care of her son. Yet, when she insults Ananya and her family, calling them "Madirasis", she gets on your nerves. She says she's broad minded but refuses to accept that her son wants to marry a Tamilian.

Looking at the movie alone, and for someone who hasn't read the book, you can't hate the movie. The story isn't all that hard to understand, but you feel for Krish and his desperation to live with the girl he loves. The movie, unlike the book doesn't show Krish working, at all, and you see him spend all his time at Ananya's house.You know he is working, but you dont see him doing any work. The movie opens with him talking to the psychiatrist and ends with him leaving the psychiatrist with two kids. You get confused as to why he left or why he came and it made no sense. A particular scene when Krish slap's his dad portrayed by Ronit Roy was followed by a round of loud applause from the audience. The disbelief on Ronit Roy's face would anyone clap though.

All this apart, a fun watch, fun songs, fun actors and a fun time at the theater