Advertisements in Election Campaigning

I was very pleased when I saw the Congress' advertisements which surfaced very early on for the purpose of election campaigning. Theirs' was the first I noticed and I have to admit, I was quite impressed. That was the first time I noticed election campaigning and it was the first time I was old enough to actually understand and witness the Lok Sabha elections. Congress' advertisements ran on without competition for quite a long time until the ICC World Cup, where Modi'ji released his animated advertisement on how BJP had nothing to do with corruption. It was a quirky advertisement, but it wasn't enough to rival "Har haath Sakthi, Har hath Tharakhi".

The early arrival of Congress on the advertisement front, proved to be a good decision whatsoever as it lead to people even quoting their tag lines and key word. BJP wasn't willing to give in so easy. They released their next set of advertisements with the tagline of "Janta Maaf Nahi Karenge" which turned out to be a great hit. The black and white advertisement and actors who faced the camera's with traumatic expressions made sure that the "Janta" will not forgive the people who are corrupted and for injustice. This was soon followed by the "Abki baar Modi sarkaar" ads. This was strangely similar to the Congress' ads and it was next to impossible to figure out who's ad was which until of course, one waited till the ending to hear if it was from Modi "sarkaar" and Congress.

Though Congress' ads seemed to be inspirational and of a high standard, BJP's later efforts seem to be more memorable to people as I can hear people quoting "Janta Maaf Nahi Karenge" and "Abki baar" jokes to each other and on social networking sites.

I guess AAP doesn't want to waste its money on these ads and I think it is missing out on a lot because, accept it or not, people still buy Axe deodorant here as they think girls are going to be magnetically attracted to them.