Campaigning Or Insulting?

I understand campaigning as working in an organised manner to achieve a common goal. From what I have been hearing and reading the past few days, I think the common goal is insult the opposing party and leader. Though insulting the opposition is not unheard of, I find myself disappointed when I realise that even in this era, people don't quit the age old practice of  denigrating the opposition.

Instead of focusing on Their manifestos and Their promises, they are more focused on how to sully the name of the opposition. I'm pretty unaware of what BJP's promises are but I know that Congress is entirely corrupt. I don't know what Congress' manifesto says, but I know BJP will ruin the country. I'm lost on how irrelevant matters like Priyanka Gandhi's husand's business has anything to do with what BJP is going to do for the country. And I really don't understand what "BJP is running around like rats" has anything to do with why Rahul Gandhi should come to power and Sonia Gandhi's campaigning.

I suppose the media is playing "Narad Muni" too. I mean if they go ask why Ms. Gandhi is calling BJP "rats", Prakash Javedkar is bound to come up with a witty reply as to how abusive Congress is. I wonder why no one's insulting AAP too much. Maybe they don't want to hurt the under dogs too much.