Civics, Politics, Whatever.

I realise that what I learnt in my politics textbook has nothing to do with what politics actually is. Politics was one of my favourite subjects, at school but I got so bored while reading the politics section in the newspaper. I kept wondering about how that happens. Whenever people asked if I liked politics, my mind immediately went to the subject Politics, commonly called Civics at school, and I readily said yes. But later they pointed out that I plainly ignore anything relating to politics in the newspaper. I was confused too.

But the newspaper also confuses me these days. My civics text told me that one of BJP's key policies is political and social integration of Jammu And Kashmir with the rest Of India. But the newspaper seems to be contradicting this. On reading what Omar Abdullah has to say, I'm forced to believe that Modi is going to do something bad to Kashmir and I frankly don't understand this business with the Kashmiri pandits. And there's also the fact that my civics textbook clearly states that wall graffiti as a part of campaigning is prohibited but I can still see plenty around. Maybe the law is changed or my textbook is wrong. Clearly something hasn't been updated.

Maybe politics is clean in the textbook, but it is pretty messy in real life.