Dead Man Hanging

A swift motion of hands
tucking the hair in, Still in the sand
Of time that keeps dropping
For once it starts, there's no stopping.

A curly twirl, a single strand
Falls upon my eyes as I stand
And waiting for something that can't be changed
A minute more's wait until I'm hanged.

For deadly crimes and sins committed
I knew one day I'd have to suffer, hinted
The expressionless executioner who has done this
A million times over, his life isn't bliss.

And once again that strand breaks free
From the tied up hair and I preached
Dear Sir, I know I committed all sin
But please allow me to say sorry to my kin.

It was never their fault and fate, too see my
docile body still, So I sighed
And as I tried to push that strand back
The executioner had turned his back
And unnoticed, she was pulled into the realms of darkness.