Hipocracy. When is women going to gain Independence?

The story is pretty much the same in every household and it was upsetting when I heard it myself. Girl, more prominently the hardworking of the two sexes, put in so much effort to be good always. Right from childhood, they try hard to keep the parents happy, the teachers happy, the siblings happy and right from there are least concerned about their own happiness. They study and work hard and try their best. And expectations grow and when 94% becomes 93%, they've had it. It's a depressing story really. Female brain manages to learn things and study and have more memory (generally), unlike males who have the smartness required that enables them to, with ease, study, without actually studying.

He has fun, plays and enjoys life to the fullest. She plans and thinks and studies and never get involved in anything wrong and almost never has fun. And hence the girl is studious. Lets make her a doctor or engineer or lets just make her study a lot. And she finishes school, and still she studies. She finds morally wrong to have a boy friend, to bunk classes and watch the occasional movie and night. And she studies hoping to make her family proud.

And she does her post graduation and she's 24. The right time for marriage. If she somehow manages to force her parents to let her do higher studies, she'll become older. And soon she is 28, unable to find herself a suitor. And finally, her family finally do manage to find her one and the relatives who come to her wedding will comment on how old the girl is, not caring if the man is 10 years older than her, because of course, he needs that much time to settle down in his life. And then she's married. Years pass and she has a kid. The kid is old enough and she wants to work. But why? The man earns enough money and its not as if household will not run without her money. And her mom will ask her why she wants to work, and why she can't just keep quiet and look after the kids? An aunt will add that its not like she gets any time after her housework.

Can anyone explain to her why she studied so much? Could anyone try telling her that its okay that she wasted her young life in something she will not require in the future? She should have just never gone to school and learnt housework, of course that's what they did back in the day. But we are not back in the day.

Hypocrites. Society is full of them.