At The Doors Of Heaven.

When the doors of Heaven opened,
God stood there and asked
Is there anyone worthy,
Or should I just leave the entrance wide?

A silence followed after God's questions,
Because none could prove that they were worthy
For they lived lives, and only their life
And couldn't be bothered by what
Was worth and what was not.

And God moved to his side,
He said that he who think he is good
Can enter even without His will
For He knew they were not all great
But hoped they were atleast good.

And then the silence still remained,
People looked around and waited
For lost in thought and lost in speech
For words they could not speak.

And God once again proclaimed,
Is there none great or good today?
The choice is still upto you,
Who did no bad are still welcome
I have left the entrance wide.

Two or three people stepped forward,
Bowed their heads and moved forward
And God watched them silently
And the sound of footsteps faded.

Have the rest of you lost your tongue?
Have I not given you the gift of speech?
And yet, no one answers my call
Except those three, are you all dumb?

A young adult, he stepped forward
And looked at God with reverence
And said to Him that the world had gone too far
Too fast, too paced and it was too hard
To be great or good, or even without bad.

He said they were forced to study,
Not the knowledge gained or pain taken,
The world was keen only on marks earned.
He said they were forced to work,
To earn by hook or gain by crook.
He said they were forced to live,
Not righteous, not honest
But just live; and we are sorry for this.

God smiled and with a sigh He said
I still haven't lost all hope,
Just three were dishonest to me
You will all gain entry.