New Generation, New Age.

Recently I had got the opportunity to write a script placing Shakespeare's characters in the modern world. As humour is always counted, we decided to pick Romeo and Juliet as it is one of the easiest play's to make a fool out of.

As we sat brainstorming, my friend suggested this introduction which I really liked and I would like to type it out before I write more about it.
"It was the new age; the age where people spoke in Fort Kochi slanged English and anglicized malayalam. Where new generation movies became blockbusters and the old generation tried to become trendsetters. It was the age of Dating, social networking and whatspp'ing. And in such an age, One can only wonder if Romeo and Juliet can find any love. Love in the time of the selfie."

I died laughing on this. I literally did. But later, when I thought about it, I felt very bad. Is this all that it meant to be modern. Being the new generation made me feel slightly depressed then because I realised, this is what everyone thinks of us.

Is that all we are? A bunch of kids who live lives only virtually and find love only online. Youngsters who have forgotten the English language and only speak in Texting lanuage? Is that how we want the youth to be represented as. Is this what being modern means?