Should Beauty Pageants be banned in colleges?

To be very frank, I'm not a big fan of beauty pageants. Neither have I actually watched or attended one. But since I had the opportunity to deliver a speech about the same, I decided to do a little bit of research and this is what I have to say.

Let me start with some basic facts. What is a beauty pageant, how did it begin and why is it done? Well, according to google beauty pageant is a beauty competition where contestants are ranked on the basis of their beauty. According to wikipedia, it took roots as a bikini competition which later evolved into the much know Miss Universe competition. But since that's not the topic, I'm not going to bore you with the details. To the more important question, why is it done?

Before I come to that, let me brief you on as to what exactly happens in a college beauty pageant. There is first, the most well known Ramp walk. Then there is a round where questions are put to the contestants to which they have to give prompt replies and then there is a round where the contestants are asked to showcase their talents. And in most instances, these college beauty pageants may be based on themes like nature, women empowerment et cetera.

In such a scenario, these contestants are not just tested on the much criticised beauty quotient, but also on their confidence, charisma, dedication, stage presence, talents, social awareness, ability to speak well and so on. The list is pretty much endless.

If we are focusing on the question as to whether it should be banned in colleges, I would like to ask a few questions back. If a person has to be in college, she/he is obviously 18 years of age or above. Since beauty pageants are mainly for girls, I'll just use 'she' henceforth. So she is obviously 18 years of age and above. And in this country, you are considered an adult once you are 18 years of age and considered responsible enough to elect and choose your government. If she has the right to vote, don't you think she is responsible enough for participating in a beauty pageant and is responsible enough to decide what kind of clothes are right for her, because as far as I can see, people criticize beauty pageants only because of the clothes.

A beauty pageant is a competition. There are dance competitions, singing competitions, acting competitions and beauty pageants is just another competition right? So why is there so much criticism only for that. I guess the reason they  like to give, is that there is too much vulgarity. But I find that very confusing. Doesn't vulgarity in the steps of a dance that is done for a dance competition matter, doesn't vulgarity in the lyrics of a song that is sung for a singing competition matter? I mean, who decided what's vulgar and what is not. I don't find sleeveless vulgar, you might. It depends from person to person right?

But since we are talking about colleges, which are so orthodox and worried about vulgarity, can't they just draw some clear lines as to what they consider is vulgar? Institutions can give clear instructions to limit what they consider vulgarity. Why ban it all together?

My answer is a very clear and definite NO! Because I believe if there is no question of banning world cups and dance competitions, there should be no question of banning beauty pageants in colleges or wherever.