Forget the Big Picture.

She had never felt this sort of thing before. She never felt this way about someone before.

Before we get into that, if you must know, there are three types of girls in this world. One, the type who doesn't talk all that much to guys, so the guys don't bother about. Two, the pretty and beautiful ones, who if even did not talk to the guys were popular amongst them. And three, the girls who became the best friends and so called "sisters" of guys. She belonged to the third set.

And of course, the girls belonging to the third set rarely envisioned themselves as girls. It's as if their in the guys group. So a guy having a crush on such a girl is almost impossible. It's when such girls have feelings for some guy, the funny stuff happens.

It's like Kajol in the old Sharukan Khan movie who's name I forgot. The tomboy. And this story is about such a girl, who falls in love with this good looking guy who sings and plays the guitar. I know. Such a cliche. 

And there's the guy. The perfect gentleman. Rockstar. Everything a guy should be. And there's the girl. Everything a girl shouldn't be. They were two completely different individuals. 

He knew he was perfect and she knew she was not. But she surprised herself. She didn't stay quiet and let the love of her life walk by. She talked. She smiled at him. She kept saying hi to him. And the guy responded well, but the girl was still unsure if it was done out of pity or actual will.
The girl decided that she wouldn't care about that. That she would just enjoy the present and the happy moments she got to share with him. Not talking but just enjoying his presence when he came and sat next to her. Talking and trying to maintain a steady conversation (although it wasn't very hard) with him when she got to walk with him.

She enjoyed it. And she learnt the true meaning of life. To not look at the bigger picture and worry about if he will ever reciprocate her emotions, or the fact that he might never talk to her or whatever. She didn't bother about the bigger picture. Instead, she enjoyed the little things in life that most people overlooked. She began to feel happy. And that's all that matters. Being happy.