The Gap Theory

(An interpretation on what a friend said to me)

I know, it kind of does sound like Big Bang Theory though it doesn't have the Bang to it. But it's a dynamic theory all the same. As crystal and vague as it should be.

What is the point of life? To educate? To help? To serve? Blah blah. The list goes on. I consider myself an unorthodox representative of the new age. I think the point of life is to live. Yes, it doesn't sound all that cool. But basically that's what life is all about, isn't it? Living life. Ironic. It's not like you can 'dying live' or something. 

I haven't reached my point yet. My point, very simple as before, is that the point of life is to live. And all the other usual answers are the matters that make this living or life worthwhile. 

Our main aim to life or our main purpose in life is to fill the gaps that are left by geniuses and madmen before us. It's simple. We should fill these gaps. When Gandhiji died, we needed someone to fill that gap. And that's what the gap theory is all about. Filling gaps left by great people and in turn making new gaps for the next generation to fill. Everyone fills at least one gap in life. But the greatest people are those who are able to fill multiple gaps in life. Being able to work as a successful women, yet being able to be a dedicated parent and loving wife. Being a great actor, dancer and musician. Or even a simple matter like being a good human being. 

There are a lot of empty gaps left by good human beings that needs to filled and let's be able to fill these gaps.