The reason that I have not lost all hope in people.

Up until last year, I had the self esteem of Shreya Goshal who didn't know she could sing well (at least, that's what I assume her self esteem would be. Unless she was ├╝ber talented at something else. But never mind that). I thought and believed that I was the most talent-less and most unnecessary person on the planet. I kept getting that feeling. But it passed cause I was in the company of some awesome friends who were super talented themselves. 

Last year, after the arts fest and the prize distribution, where all of my friends won several prizes, I posted a status saying that - "My friends are so bloody talented!". I was really happy for them and I was proud of them. My only moment of disappointment being the fact that when my mom saw me so happy coming home after arts fest (she thought I had won some prize) and asked me what happened. I expressed my feeling of great joy, the reason for which were the prizes my friends got. She smiled and asked if I got anything. It was a 30 seconds thing, but I felt disappointed in myself then. 

Did I tell you what awesome friends I have? This year, after the skit I scripted won the first prize at my old school, my friend called me up and said that she wanted to post a status saying how bloody talented her friends were. That touched me. And it was by far the most biggest compliment I got. And I realised that, good people do exist. They are not a piece of fiction.