The pretty girl he could never talk to (A short story)

And the prettiest girl he had ever seen in his life, stood up from the seat beside him and got down from the bus. And all he felt was regret.

It was a normal day for him. Nothing much exciting had happened. He continued to exist in this world that was too busy to take note of normal people like him. He was used to it. As usual, he walked to the bus stop with his two friends, talking about random things, like books and movies but never about important things like life because we, teenagers are trained to understand that we shouldn't waste time thinking about things that we cannot decide for ourself. 

I feel like I'm going way off-track here. So anyway, he reached the bus stop and then they waited there for the A/C Volvo bus to come. He liked the Volvo bus for the very obvious reason, it had A/C in it. But also because he knew that he'd meet the most strangest and amazing people on it. And today, he saw the most amazing person ever. At the next bus stop, this very pretty girl got into the bus. Every, and let me tell you, every single eye turned towards her. Females and Males alike. She was the most prettiest person he had ever seen. And she was looking for a seat. 

God didn't like him. There was a vacant seat next to him, but the old grandmother wanted to sit next to him, and because he was so polite he couldn't refuse. He cursed all the God's for making him so polite. They passed two more bus stops and there was 4 more until his where he had to get down. At the 3rd bus stop, the grandmother smiled at him and got down from the bus.

"Empty seat! Please come sit here! I mean, I'll fall at your feet" his head shouted to him. But he kept his cool, looked at the vacant seat, looked at the very pretty girl as if he was merely considering the possibility that she might come sit there. Just then, two vacant seats popped up right in front of him. "Why why why?" His head screamed to himself. The girl was walking in his direction. He knew there was no point of even considering the possibility. She was obviously going to sit in the two vacant seats in front where there was no one sitting.

And that's when the twist in the story takes place. She decides to sit next to him. Every single guy in that bus must have been jealous of him for at least 5 minutes of their lives. He was just thanking God was making such an uneventful day, the best day of his life. He decided that God wanted this to happen, or they were meant to be (the latter one because of the Hollywood influence on him). There were only 3 bus stops left until he had to get down.

He scanned his head for every possible cool statement that he could come up with. He decided not to use pick up lines, because this was India, and she might just file a harassment petition against him. He thought of asking her some question like what the time was, or something along the lines of that but realized that it wasn't 'cool' enough.

2 more bus stops left. "Ask something already you stupid fool" my head continued screaming. He thought that it was now or never. He turned his head towards her in a way that showed that he was intending to ask her something. She looked at him too. "Freeze this moment" his head whispered. He immediately turned away. "What the hell are you doing you moron? Ask her something. You will never in your life get a opportunity like this, you useless person". His head had serious issues with him.

"Okay, I'm going to introduce myself and ask her to introduce herself" he thought to himself. He turned to her, once again but his hopes all shattered. She was going. And the prettiest girl he had ever seen in his life, stood up from the seat beside him and got down from the bus. And all he felt was regret. Damn.