Buy a balloon and let it go.

He knew there was no point in trying anymore. True, people always say - Try, try till you succeed. But the experienced know that's not completely true. It was not like he gave up after the first try. He tried again, and again and again until he reached that point of time where he just couldn't try anymore. There was no point in it. 

He lost his reason for trying. He lost his inspiration for the attempt. He lost the meaning to his fight. He didn't want to give up. He just wanted to let it go. Because he knew that in the bigger race of life, you cannot lose. You either win it or quit the game and his main ambition in life was to win the game of life in the best possible way. 

That was until, he learnt that something's are best to be left un-done, un-said and un-heard. And he learnt that it was time to let go and pursue something new. Let go of the past and welcome the future with open hands. Start dreaming of something else. Something new. Something that excited him rather than the old dream that seemed tiring to him. It was time to find a new reason to life.

And to mark the moment that he decided to let go of his old dream and embrace a new one, he bought a balloon and watched it as he let go. It was the most amazing feeling he ever had. He knew he had done the right thing.