Happy Endings?

"Fine! Go! I don't care" he said and he took a step back, took one last look at her and walked straight ahead. She didn't know what to reply. She was glad, relieved, and slightly, just slightly sad. She didn't expect things to turn out as they did. 

He, on the other was heartbroken. He knew this would have eventually happened. But sometimes, even when we know things are not gonna last, we still cling on to that tiny hope that believes it might.

But no, their relationship or whatever it was, was done. Over. Finished. Whatever word you liked to use, it fitted right in. 

He liked her since the day she decided to go talk to him. The day he lost the school election. The happiest ray of sun shined on him, a dejected guy. He loved her because she was different, because she spoke so honestly, from the heart and she had the brightest smile he had ever seen. He loved her, but she only liked him. He wanted that to change. How, he did not know. All he knew was that he wanted to be something more than friends. 

After much walking behind her, she reluctantly said yes to him. To get into the so called Relationship. He should have knew, then and there, that a relationship formed on such lines, would have never lasted. And it didn't. It lead up to this moment where he had to walk out on her.

But destiny had something else in hold for them. And here they were, today, 9 months into a Relationship, once again. But this one just might last, cause it's based on mutual like, respect and honesty. And that's what a Relationship is all about, isn't it? 

Who said Happy Endings were not possible? Oh wait, I did. Scratch that.