Stop. Just think about what you are doing right now. Are you happy? Are you pleased? Do you in any way feel glad to be living and basically feel good about life? If yes or no, doesn't matter, keep reading and let's see what you think at the end of it. 

There is this thing in people that I'd like to call a 'spark'. That 'spark' is the reason that we smile so brightly in the morning, greet everyone we see and love helping people with full happiness. Right now, what I feel is that most people including me have lost that 'spark'. Maybe it's because 'life has caught on' but that makes no sense because I feel that the whole point of living should not be just trying to finish this precious life by just living. Live a good life. I asked one of my friends how she was feeling today, to which she replied that she was feeling fine but she was tired and was feeling bored and just sick of doing the same things over and over again. Basically, she had lost this 'spark' and the only method I have devised to come out of this very difficult position is by getting inspired. 

And I am not talking about the inspiration that leads us to our bigger dreams and aspirations. I don't think dreams are worth it. Most of us seem to be dreaming too much and not living at all. Coming back to the point, I'm talking about getting inspired to do little things, and trivial things which most of us ignore. I go by what some person, some where said - After some time, we will realize that it was the little things that mattered the most in our life. How true. So if we are going by this philosophy, it is more important to get inspired to do little things rather than the bigger dreams of ours. 

And for getting inspired you need to get out, go meet people, talk to people who inspire us, have meaningful conversations rather than meaningless ones, read good books and try listening to some music. Try to get inspired by someone or something to do the little things that affect us, but go out of notice of others. When you surround your self with goodness, happiness and brightness, you will find yourself becoming filled with the same. 

And then, you will try to be inspiring. Someone else who lost their 'spark' will get inspired by you and pretty soon everyone around you will be inspired people. Inspiration - it's a pretty simple word. Please go get inspired and get your 'spark' back because otherwise life, one of the most beautiful and magical thing ever, will start seeming like a burden to you.

I hope you are still not in the same position where you started reading. Smile and live a better life.