The ring.

"So what would you have said that day, had I asked you then?" He asked her. "It would have still been a no, but a hesitant one" she replied. That's all he wanted to hear, that she would have hesitated, at least. That was more than enough for him. There was hope.

He was leaving. She was leaving too. There were both headed to two different places, starting a new chapter in their lives. But he told her that he won't forget her. He said that,  the fact that she would have hesitated to say no gives him the hope that some day, maybe not today or tomorrow but some day, she would say yes. He wanted to make sure that, the yes, wouldn't be hesitant. 

"I'll ask you again, after some time." He told her. "And I'll say no again" she replied with a smile. "That's okay. And I'll ask again. And again." He continued. "And what if you forget me before that? What if time and place changes your thought? What if you meet new people?" She asked him. "Time changes people, and that's not a bad thing. You should find someone who'd say yes to you and not wait for me" she told him. "I know when I'll have to give up. When I know that I will have to forget you. But I promise you, that's not any time soon. So I'm going to wait, for now" he said. 

She knew there was no point arguing with him, so she continued to smile at him and said, "I'll try not forgetting you either" with a wink. "You see this ring", he said pointing to the shining new ring that he was holding. "This ring will remind me of you. I will remove it they day I let you go" he said as he slipped the ring onto his finger. "Promise me you will let go" she said . And the last thing he said was, "I don't intend on making any promises".