From a "fan"

(This peice of writing is not by me. But is directed at me. And I like it, hence it's here)

Ms Jaylalitha's crying in prison, mangalyaan's landing on the moon, but nothing beats this scoop. From the uber conservative walls of Rajagiri Public School comes a .... Scandal!!

Vandana Devi a.k.a Vandy a.k.a Vandu a.k.a VD a.k.a V a.k.a Her lameness, a supposedly pretty innocent girl whose record shows leaps from school to school. Her latest departure from Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi Public School under mysterious, questionable and uncertain circumstances to Rajagiri Public School was not a reason for any concern, till she wrote "the script". A source (who shall not be named) revealed that he was a victim of Ms. Devi's literary genius. He reports that it starts with her calling you lame and then writing embarrassingly painful parts for you in plays (that required you to sing a song from .... 'The twilight') our source confirms that by this time she 'owns you'. But this is just a sample of the real deal. It was during the past week that it hit the ceiling with guns blazing. Our source who has been a respectable member of the student community was subjected to a thorough interrogation by the school authority's which left him traumatized both physically and mentally and was heard quoting - "a scar that will never heal". Her unprecedented departure from Christu points to the happenings of similar events and in particular to a certain Boy, not in Christu anymore. It doesn't require a Rocket scientist to figure out why.

But Ms Devi's onam holidays point to this being just the tip if the iceberg. Ms Devi who hails from KANNUR!!! was last seen checking out ice cream park ours there. What does that mean? Why does she keep drumming with invisible sticks? Why exactly does she break pens and pencils? Is there a psyco side to her that claps all the way from RPS to HMT. Why does she keep saying 'I'm a good person', is it to reassure her of something she's not. Only time will tell.

Sir Head-shake-a-lot