The Spider in the Knife Stand.

I am on a bus to that goes to Eroor now and since it's one of those few times when I've actually travelled on a Volvo bus without company, I felt like I had to mark the occasion by putting down things on paper.

It's a really nice experience, let me tell you that. And while enjoying the darkness of the night outside and the coolness of the bus, I write my latest story. Well, it's not actually a story. It's more like some pieces of random thoughts strung together and as always, I'm going to narrate Ray's and Kate's story.

She couldn't believe that it was actually happening to her. She was a very lucky person, proven time and time again, but this was the height of her luck. She was going out with the guy she likes. And though there were so many things that could go wrong, she still had strong hope. She wanted to make, whatever it was they had, mean something, to both of them. How, she didn't know. She didn't want it to be like the spider in the knife stand, that's all she knew. 

For the benefit of the reader, I'd like to explain this theory. Please note that it's not Kate's theory nor is it mine. You know those knife stands, which have small holes to insert the blades of the knife? Yeah, that's the kind of knife stands I'm talking about here. Now imagine, if you put a small spider into that. It's going to be stuck there and it's going to stay there because there is no exit besides the small hole for inserting the blade and that option is not available to the spider for coming out. It's going to grow in that darkness, unseen to the rest of the world. It's going to grow, until a point where there is no escape because it's too big and it cannot get out of that small hole. It's going to grow in pain and in trouble inside and it's either going to die in there or die trying to get out from there. Please note, once again, that it is not my theory.

So this theory plays a very important role in this string of random thoughts because Kate was hoping that Ray and she won't end up in that situation. I hope this doesn't sound cheesy but the fact always remains that even though you know somethings won't last or somethings are not meant to be, you try really hard to still do it. And Kate survives on hope; a fairly recent entry into her vocabulary. She started hoping. And Ray was responsible for that, giving her hope. Hope, that they wouldn't be like the spider in the knife stand.