Ray of a certain sunshine.

On a dark cloudy day,
Rain clouds seemed to rule the sky.
And what little remained of the sun
Also had to fade away
And it's shadow hid behind
The great angry sky.

The purpose of the clouds
Though, should have been rain
It chose not to fall
And clear the sky, once and for all.
Instead, it simply lingered
And filled everyone with dread
Will it fall, will it not.

What great purpose did it serve
I never will understand
Simply staying in the sky
And watching down, I suppose
With glee. 

And now I was almost sure
It will not fall, it will simply stay
The rain need not be expected soon
The darkness was here to stay. 
There was no reason for joy
At my new found conclusion
It was simply a statement 
That reinforced what I had already knew.

How long, that was the question
Would I have to wait
Impatient I was to see the sky
Clear of rain clouds and
Bright as it was to be.

The wait, went longer 
Than I ever expected
And a little drizzle, that did not go 
By my notice, helped raise my morale.
But it stopped as soon as it had started.
The sky knew the game well.

And now almost all hope was gone
To ever see the pristine blue
The sky usually took form in.
I guessed, I will have to learn to live
With the dark form it now existed in.

I grew to learn that it was how
It was to be from now.
And pretty soon, what do you know
I had forgotten what it was like
To see the sky without the clouds.

And suddenly as though by some miracle
As if a slit of light in a dark room
Scattering dust and light in line 
A streak of light, a ray for a better a word
Emerged through the depths of
Darkness, that the sky was now.

And suddenly as though by some miracle
A ray of sunshine came down
As though from the heavens themselves
To show that light would still survive
Even in the midst of such darkness.

A ray of a certain sunshine,
It shone down on me 
And I realised that the wait was not in vain
A ray of a certain sunshine,
It shone down on me
And I realised it was well worth the wait.