My dad's humour stretches to a point where he claims that all the stars are in the shops rather than in the sky these days, thanks to the Christmas season. That was not the answer I was looking for when I desperately asked him where the stars had gone. I know there's a very scientific explanation as to why I couldn't see stars from the 12th floor of my apartment. I mean, I didn't bother checking it out or anything. Stars were not visible in my city, I figured, due to pollution or something. And as the sun set in my hometown, a quiet village unlike the city I lived in, I was quite sure that stars couldn't keep away from me here. The sky however, had other plans. 

"Why aren't there anymore stars at night?
Is it because I have forgotten to look for them,
Or simply because they chose not to be seen.
Whatever the reason maybe,
It's sad that there aren't any
Left for you and me."

Stars in my opinion, is like hope. In the canvas of night, stars become the only light in the darkness. What happens to people at times is that, they forget sometimes that there are stars in the sky. People think that the stars have disappeared, that all hope is gone. But stars are always there. They may choose not to be seen but even then, it's always there. Hope is never always gone. 

And though it first appeared as though I wouldn't be able to see any stars from my hometown as well, as I stood outside for a while, all that changed. At first, it was just a single one. Then two more on its right. And pretty soon, my starless sky was filled with stars. The brightness lit me up, just like it lit up the sky.