The Window.

I love my spot at the window. I just love standing there. And that's exactly what I did ever since I came to my new apartment, stood there for the first time and saw the pretty sight from there. It's an amazing view, let me tell you that much. Day after day, as soon I reach home after school, I head to my room, lock myself in and just take my place at the window. Looking outside. Seeing nothing really, just looking.

The problem with standing there was that, once I get a glimpse of the amazing view from there, I get stuck. I stand there for hours; doing absolutely nothing. I love spending time there, looking at the sky, the tiny buildings and moreover just looking. But of course, life caught on. I couldn't just stand there all the time. I had to stop wasting my time. 

"Withdraw slowly, then all at once."

I was thinking of ways to do that. Plan A was to take it slow. So, the first few days I decided I'll just spend 5 minutes there. Exercise self control. The 5 minutes always extended to hours. I realised that, it wasn't going to work out this way. I had to come up with something fool proof. 

Suddenly it hit me. I would spend time there, only if I went there. So I decided to just keep myself away. Stay away. And in order to do that, I had to keep myself busy with other things. 

It's working as of now. But the view is just so amazing. And it's so tempting that I have to give myself the occasional 5 minutes. But I'm trying hard to stay away. To make sure I don't forget to live. I hope it works...