The Creative God.

"It always requires the same thing to happen to you, to understand what the other person was going through."

Life is very confusing and contradictory. It confuses you and contradicts itself. You realize, things that were meant to be, actually were not meant to be. And things that were not meant to be, were actually meant to be. Life likes to show you the perfect people, situations, concepts, scenarios and show it in our faces that it's not all what they seem to be. Life likes doing that; I guess it has the most creative job in the world. Throw a curve ball at every great plan, put misery in the lives of every great person, defeat every man who wishes to win, push down someone who just started to breathe. Life is the Creative God, always pulling out the most unexpected things out of His metaphorical hat. 

Life always shows people what it is to be like in the other persons shoes. 'Cause of course, you can never really understand what the other person was going through until you're in the same situation yourself. All the more reason for Life to take upon itself to put you in the shoes of people you most definitely did not want to be in. True; it helps you learn and see life from a very varied perspective. And at the end of the day, you realise everyone is right in their own sense.

Life always likes to show you that the things you think you see, are not what you are actually seeing. The things you do, are not actually what you thought you were doing. The people you meet, are not exactly they seem to be. The people you miss the most, were not actually the people you'd thought you'd miss. And the people you never really wanted to leave, were actually the people you'd be most happy to see leaving. 

"Life is the Creative God. Always pulling the most unexpected things out of His metaphorical hat."