The Meeting.

"There are very many things in life that just can't be explained. No answers to some questions, no explanations to some feelings and no expressions to some desires."

It was pretty late. The highway from Munnar to Kochi is not a pleasant one to drive through in the middle of the night, but I still decided to risk it just for the sake of getting home a little earlier. Everyone advised me against doing that which made it seem all the more fun to me. 

Hill stations always caught my attention and driving through the narrow twisted routes was something I really enjoyed. But this was the first time I attempted to do the same at night. It was past 1:30am and sleep hadn't really caught up with me. Thinking about home and people, I reduced the volume of the radio, opened the window and started thoroughly enjoying the ride. 

One hair pin bend down. That's when I first noticed the dim light that seemed to be coming from the back of the car. It was not easy driving, so I didn't dare take my eyes of the road. But still I gave a small peak at the rear view mirror. That's when I realised the dim light seemed to be reflecting off the female who was sitting in the backseat of my car.

Two hair pin bends down. I took another peek at the female. I couldn't get details because I wasn't concentrating enough but she looked middle aged, not too bad looking. She seemed restless though. I looked back at the road and kept quiet.

Three hair pin bends down. She initiated the conversation. We were talking about destinations. She asked me where I was headed, so I explained about how I was on my way home. I asked her if she was on her way home. She replied, "I'm trying to find my way home." It seemed like a very philosophical thing and I nodded along to what she said.

Four hair pin bends down. Like I said, she seemed restless. I asked her what had happened. She didn't reply. She was very quiet and somehow I didn't find that weird. She said she wanted to be "found". Again, I thought it was some deep philosophical shit so I nodded along to her. 

5 hair pin bends down. I realised that I had been talking to her without looking at her for a long time. So I thought I'd just look at her again through the rear view mirror but this time I didn't find anyone there. The dim light wasn't there anymore. 

I reached home that very morning at 6am after taking some short breaks on the way. But never enough to think about the female I met or about anything else. The next day though, when I was telling my friend about this incident, he pointed out how many discrepancies were starting to show up.
"So you let some random girl get into your car at 1:30am?" 
"Well, yeah."
"Where did you pick her up from? Did you just see her on the road?"
"I, Uhm, don't remember picking her up."
"So some random female just magically appeared in the back of your car. That obviously happens."
"I can't remember exactly."
"Where did you drop her of?"
"I don't remember. Now that I come to think of it. It seems pretty much blurred out. Like I can't pick out details. I couldn't have possibly been sleeping cause I drove and reached home pretty safe."
"You're hallucinating man. You have to get some help. Or you're messing with me. Is this one of your new ideas for a novel again?"
"No! This happened!"

The events of that morning seems pretty hazy to me now. It's weird how I can remember some details but can't remember some others. I forced myself into believing that I was too involved in some other thoughts and that's why I must have conjured up this fictional character. But even I knew that I wasn't that crazy.

Next day, my mom called me up asking me if I had taken the So-and-So-Route while coming home the previous day. I said yes and asked her why. She asked me to put the news on. And so I did and who else did I find but that mystery female who was in the backseat of my car. She was apparently found dead near the first hair pin bend. Murdered, the news channel said.

The female who was in the backseat of my car from that very place, had apparently died a few hours ago before I met her.