When even Lulu Mall became a metaphor for me.

So I’ll tell you which is the best place to NOT be at during weekends – Lulu Mall, Kochi. I mean, seriously, it’s as though people have nowhere else to go on a weekend. But I don’t think I can say anything, particularly today, because I just spent the evening at Lulu. And the only thing I wanted to do was get out of there. It’s funny how things work out that way. At home, when I think about what to do for the weekend, the options I have, here in Kochi are to go Watch a movie, get some dinner, maybe go bowling with friends, or hang out for a bit in a CafĂ© with good coffee and an even better ambience. So I could go to various different locations for each of the following things or just head to Lulu because all of the above things I Could do there. SO far, I think this piece of writing comes across as a hate mail but also an advertisement for Lulu (even though it really doesn’t need one); But bear with me, I have almost reached my point.

So today, I had the option of either going to a variety of places, experiencing different atmospheres, travelling for a bit OR the option of taking the easy route and heading to the one place that had that all. And like most others, I picked the easy route. People will tell you very contradicting things about "the easy route". Some will tell you to take Engineering and Medicine even though everyone is taking it and it's like jumping on an overpopulated Bandwagon. Some others will tell you that picking the easy route is the worst thing you could do; don’t take the path full of rose petals! Take the one full of thorns. Metaphorically and literally speaking, I took the path with the rose petals today and boy did I miss out on a lot.

The easy route took me to the most crowded place in the world (okay, not really. But still). Absolutely no peace or fun. It was just a horrible and tiring feeling and I just wanted to get out of there. But I couldn’t, because I was stuck there in the crowd, between queues to and from and what not. I lost out on the simple pleasures of having a day out; moving about, sitting in peace for a while, not rushing and running and pushing. I missed out on enjoying. I took the route everyone took, ended up in the most crowded place and had no means of getting out. I was stuck somewhere I didn’t want to be stuck.

Life Lesson time!

Many a times it seems like what you need is right there. It’s an easy route, which so many before us have taken. No risk, no variety just same old but dependable choices. It attracts us because it seems like the perfect option, something that would give us everything we need and obviously we’d pick it. But then you realise you’re stuck. And it’s so perfect that no one will believe you’re stuck (they told me to shut up when I was cribbing about how I spent the evening at Lulu. No one believed the struggle!), and even you convince yourself you’re not stuck because you are getting everything you needed. But do you really get Everything you Wanted? 

I do understand that at the end of the day all of us have to get stuck somewhere. We wish we were all free birds just going about, not a care in this world. But that's hardly practical for most of us. Which is why we will get stuck somewhere. But, wont't you rather get stuck somewhere (The Marriot Hotel Buffet for example) that you don't mind as much?