a Break.

What makes a perfect story? Strong characters, a good plot, unreal settings? There’s so much and more to a story than just characters and a plot. First of all, perfection isn’t something I truly believe in. but still, if it is Perfection being questioned here, then I think that the Perfect story is one which leaves the reader in some deep emotional state after the story is done. Maybe its happiness, or sadness, doesn’t matter. It leaves a mark on the readers. And the best way of saying this is that, a Perfect story is one where the reader is unable to identify Fact and Fiction from the story.
Fact and Fiction. I remember the first time I asked a person this very question. I had read this piece of writing by the said person, and it hit me so deeply that I was so sure that it would be fact. So I asked the said person, “do you write fact or fiction?” and the person told me without much thinking that the person wrote only Fiction. I was deeply confused and he told me this: “The true mark of a good writer is when the reader is unable to identify Fact from Fiction”. Those words remain forever in my mind.
I can’t write Fact or Fiction. I don’t even think I can write anymore. The practice of writing has become more a chore for me rather than a means of expression now. Somewhere along the way, I lost my inspiration to write and so far I haven’t been able to regain it. Maybe I will someday, and if I do, the first thing I would like to write about is this; Fact and Fiction. The imperfect story about Perfection. I want to write about simple people and their complicated lives, relationships with different people, being average, above average and below average, and every normal thing that happens in life. I cannot write about Great things because I have not seen the Great that people expect nor do I think I’m Great. However, I have seen Great in the little things and it’s all about the little things for me.
I want to write, but its next to impossible now because like another friend of mine said, “To write you need experiences, and to experience you need to go out and live”. Within the 4 walls of my house and school, I am unable to visualize the Bigger picture. So I’ll wait for my turn to experience. And although I don’t suggest you to Wait your entire life, I suggest you to wait for a bit; Cause everything has got its own time.
So im waiting to get inspired again, to write all about what I want to write, to feel like im expressing myself again. But its got to wait. And like many others, im Okay with that. I can wait for the Better things that Await Me.