The pigeons outside my window
were quite persistent.
No matter how many times
my mother shooed them away,
they still came back to stay.

The thoughts inside my head
were quite persistent.
No matter how much I try
to divert, forget or ignore,
some thoughts were just there to stay.

They say with new places
come new people and new memories.
Then why do the memories
from a different phase,
haunt me even today?

They assured me of Freedom,
Of new nostalgia; but how is that
Pain still overrides all else.
The names and faces of those I hurt
still remain engraved in my brain.

They said things happen for a reason
that Better things awaited us.
Then why is it that I
still lay awake at night,
trying to Forgive myself,
even when I know I can't.

I wondered why those pigeons
were so insistent on being there.
I think I can understand now,
It's not because they don't want to leave
they just Cant.