They told him it was just a little cut,
To be all grown up about it
And not to make a fuss.
They told him he wasn’t a kid anymore
Cuts and scratches were to be a daily dose.
So, of course he didn’t cry
They wouldn’t let him do that
Man up, they said
It’s just a little scratch
It’ll heal itself pretty soon.

Some kind soul took pity on him
His tear filled eyes yet strong despite
The pain the wound had caused him.
Because it wasn’t a mere superficial cut
It went far deeper than that.
Maybe that’s why she saw the pain
That wasn’t quite hidden in his eyes.

She was sweet, she put some balm on it
A soothing sensation, she brought to him
The pain was slight, the relief great
And he forgot all about it for a while.
She stayed and put some balm on it everyday
And though it was a deep cut
He felt it erase when she was there.

When finally the day came when
She took her leave from him
She also took along the ease he now felt.
That night he writhed in pain
The cut burned far more than it had before.
He turned his hand around and
Understood the reality.
The scars were deeper now,
The girl did nothing but increase the depth.

Maybe that’s why they told him
It would have healed much sooner
Had he tended to the wounds himself.
Maybe that’s the lesson they taught him
Sweet girls will always leave scars.
Cuts and scratches that went deeper
Stayed longer, and turned into scars.
Maybe that’s what they wanted him to understand
Wounds can lead to scars
And people would always leave.
They hope he does understand,
Because the sooner he does

The lesser it would hurt.