I never fell off a cycle

So when I was in 2nd grade
I decided that I wanted to learn
How to ride a cycle.
My dad was busy,
He asked my brother to help me.
I refused because, of course
Everyone knew
Father's were supposed to teach you.

With training wheels, I eased by
I was scared to remove them
But of course I did.
And in a couple of days
I rode without my training wheels.

My dad held the cycle from behind
"You won't fall, I got you"
And I trusted him, but more than that
I think I trusted myself to
Not let me down.

In another couple of days
I was all set;
To ride my bike alone
Independent, like my brother.
My dad stood behind and watched;
I didn't fall off my cycle.

I've always heard that you fall and learn
Bike riding stories always had that
Crash and fall and trauma
From which they emerged victorious.

I never fell off my cycle
I never crashed into a tree
I never broke my hands or knees
I never learned to fail
And it has cost me.