He was on a break
A much needed
Yet questionably deserved one.
With thoughts all bound up
And emotions tightly packed,
He set out to “discover” himself.

Conversations flooded in,
She always had something to say.
When he asked her if she was happy still
She said, “I can’t give a Yes or No answer to that.
I don’t see the world in Black and White.”
He nodded knowingly, “Of course, It’s gray.”
“Not at all, I see the world in Colour.”

She said Things
That could make him smile,
Make his eyes shine
Heart beat faster
Work a little harder.

She loved Lilac skies,
Deep conversations that left even deeper wounds.
She never minded them
Always preferred them over superficial cuts.
She told him stories of times
When people could understand themselves.

She said Things
That could make him cry
Make his eyes burn with anger
Heart beat a little slower
Work a little less
And take note of things a lot better.

She loved someone but he didn’t
Reciprocate it anymore, she said.
“How easy it is to fall
In and out of love.”
She asked him things looking straight into his eyes
“It begs the question, if it indeed was love.
And the bigger question, if not, then what is love?”

She said Things
That could make him think
Make his eyes wander
Heart beats wonder
Question things that matter.

She had ignited his imagination
“What’s life without a little fantasy?”
She would ask coyly. And even though
She had her occasional breakdowns
Most of the time- She was the definition of life.

He was on a break
From twisted thoughts
And his own dark place.
His journey had brought him
To this Amazing road now.

Nothing was Black or White,
Nothing was gray
Everything was Coloured, a bit inappropriately
But it looked wonderful all the same.

He wasn’t worried about
Heaven or Hell anymore.
The road was beautiful
He had no idea where it lead to
Or what it lead to.
The sky was beautiful
Everything about it looked tempting
And he was excited.

Maybe this is what they called
“Self discovery”
Because it was then he realized
He didn’t need drugs anymore
She had already made him psychedelic.