It’s an unusual feeling
to be completely taken over 
by the need to be
and to be with
Just that One;
Who keeps you awake at night
and dreaming through the day.
And in that little insulated bubble
you feel thoroughly special-
Cut out from the world
Cut out from everyone
and everything;
Just you and me.
The conversations flat line
but the heaviness of the silence
lightens and soars away
and the night clouds make no shape.

The stars they shine a particular shade-
A sort of red
and as I point them out to you
our hands touch
and I can’t help the electricity 
that touch ensues.
Sparks through our fingertips
into the static
crashing positively and negatively in 
the windless night. 

A quiet 
so loud,
asking not to be interfered with.
A quiet
so fierce,
drowning me in it.
And the day breaks,
the lightest of darkness remains
our hands, hearts and selves 
Recede to ourselves.

And he said,
“I don’t mind if you're quiet
As long as I know what I feel
And what you feel
And I can see you bite your lips in between.”