“And maybe I’ll be able to figure you out?”

catching me at my worst
kissing me at my best
will show you my whole world 
will show you what little lies beneath the surface.

“That hard exterior is so tough to crack.”

well it is strong but brittle 
so hit the rights spots and it’ll 
dissipate so easily.

“Finding the spots takes some creativity.”

well that’s what runs my enigma
the whole image, my character
that i spent so many fruitless hours
building, to find the right balance
between easy and hard
between plain and complex.

“Keeping track of you drains my ink.”

but if you take away your eyes
even for a second, i could burst
into flames and you wouldn’t even 
know from my face that it isn’t me
that’s right in your face, pushing you
off and then pulling you close.

“Like right now?”

when i am glaring at your eyes
then at your lips, when both our eyes
dart forward and backward
till we both spend a second at the eyes
and then at the lips.

“When we realised we’ll never be on the same page?”

when we realised we’ll
never be on the same page again
except at this moment.

“Now what do we make of this moment.”