How (not) to read a poem

(context of the poem - I was having crisis while reading some poem in my Indian Literature class and realised that the analysis and interpretations of poems are so many, so varied and I could come up with nothing. So decided to go on ego trip with this poem.)

Read poems out to your lover
your brother or your mother
or be read out poems by youtube at least 
                              ie, if you can find none who’ll drip
                                                                              honey into your ears.

“Honey into your ears” - drawing meaning
                                              from terrible lines
that The Poet’s brain concocted Saturday night;
just so that it seems like
                    to the folks at Oxford reading your MA thesis 
that The Poet means more
     than he meant. 

Cause like my Prof just said - poetry if not to 
     extract meaning from, then what else.

So make sense of it all - 

words have meanings
phrases have reasons
settings have contexts
line-breaks have lessons

or The Poet was just tripping on acid
                                                or weed
                                                or drunk
or on crack or cocaine or modafinil or suicidal or horny or sleepless or

strung together a bunch of words of (no) consequence 
that in his head made sense at 2:31 am 
but himself couldn’t recollect at 8:34 pm.

For all you know, he just admired alliteration, animatedly 
went about creating whatever it is that you see in front of you

that you have now put under 
then sliced with scalpel, thin
because hospital metaphors are 
to die for and you just
pulled the plug on The Poet and his Poem.