Poetry trips

It's 11:39 pm on a Saturday night, as I start writing this. As is evident, I'm on my laptop, typing this on a Saturday night - I live a very exciting life. I did however, go beyond my more than usual jump across the internet, and not simply from - Gmail to Facebook to BuzzFeed to YouTube to Blogs of some people. I happened upon a Scroll piece of a small selection of Jeet Thayil's poetry that someone had already sent me a while back and I had bookmarked. Of course, this had gotten me excited once before already, ending with me purchasing his Collected Works at 2:30 am, which is sure to have confused my dad whose Amazon account I use but was totally worth it. But today when I visited the website again, I scrolled down the Scroll article (of course, I had to say scrolled) and found that this piece was part of a larger collection of selected pieces, almost 10-12 pieces of collected works of Poetry curated by someone called Rohini Kejriwal, who also curates this newsletter called The Alipore Post, which I know of because a senior's poem had appeared on it and she had shared it on Facebook. The number of connections one makes when excited is unbelievable - the jumps, the distraction, but oh, the thrill!

I went through most of the posts, glancing through the poetry, not reading it properly or fully, doing a huge disservice to the souls who wrote it down, until I saw another name that excited me. A poem written by my Creative Writing prof, K Srilata was also featured and while this shouldn't have surprised me, knowing how she is a published poet and all of that, it still got me very excited. Next came a bunch of poems by someone called Vijay Nambisan. The initial description had a review type thing written by Dom Moraes - connection immediately drawn to Jeet Thayil and bias immediately made, I guess. Again, I glanced through his first few poems, till I happened upon this poem called Dirge whose first line went,

The poets die like flies but I am lying slightly to one side,

Now, I have been on a Bombay/Beats poets trip lately, so this immediately caught my fancy. I read the poem once, then twice, then again and again till I was sure I made some sense of it, if not full. This line especially, 

I’ll live and hold my words in, for I am wearied of hypothesis;

was in my not-so-great-way-of-putting-it, damn nice!

I googled him, starting out with the basic Wikipedia page where I found out that he was an IITM dropout! A mallu dude, part of the Bombay poets circle, peer of Jeet Thayil, from IITM, reclusive, poet. I felt so alive! Then I read a bunch of his interviews. There was this particular one, done by The Hindu after his death (Yes, he is dead. I was thinking of begging someone to bring him for my college fest, but those hopes are also dead.) that I really liked. 

I turned away and saw Vijay Nambisan lurking in the shadows. He was smoking and drinking and giving the white-light space a measure of compassionate attention. I thought of Dom Moraes comparing him and Jeet Thayil to flamingos, ‘birds of colour and elegance’. Dom has called people worse things, I thought.

I haven't read Dom Moreas yet, maybe I should. But currently, I'm on the Nambisan trip and am super excited to get his book and read it. There's something pretentious about poets that I really like, it's so predictable too, I'm sure. But I am feeling more alive than I have felt in a very long time right now having read a bunch of his Poems, so what the hell, it's not like I'm not pretentious.