talking about easier things

it is easier to write a meta
narrative, a poem about
poetry than a poem of some
quality. the hand that scribbles
this is lazy even when the brain
that thinks this whirring, as the
heart that wants this is as 
always wishful, for a work
that is genius. but i think 

it is easier to wheeze and 
cough than it is to breathe 
properly because breathing 
normally now has to be 
learnt and learning anything 
is difficult, especially in this
old age of youth having spent 
the younger years in the struggle 
of being laid back. so now

it is easier to just use some
enjambment. contrasts as well
as contradictions, passing it off
as confessional. she told me i was 
going through a phase. the one 
she talked about has passed, the 
new thread that is pulled through
the tiny hole of hope, is that maybe

it is easier to simply talk
about poetry. too difficult for
wants and needs to align. too
difficult to write. so dissonance 
is the tool i’ll adopt this time around.