camp stories or the woe of never finding original titles for my unoriginal pieces (Part 2)

The plan was to write one entire piece about the experience but I was on the verge of giving up and so had the brilliant idea to do it in pieces. As I type this, I can physically feel the lethargy creep in and my bed tempting me to go to sleep, which I could and I should considering how there is no urgent need for me to write this out or anything. Yet I do it cause I want to, cause each day the blankness grows more while the memories fade. So I need to get it out in ink so even if it fades, some part of it remains and I don't completely forget. 

I'm scrolling through the gallery trying to piece together things, to be able to recollect what exactly happened, at least on those first few and last few days since they are always the most impactful ones. Point is, I don't want to write a glossed over piece on how they were the most meaningful and wonderful 20 days ever. I want to write about the changes that took place in me in just 20 days, so it's going to be a rather selfish account of an internship that was about creating change in others. Someone was right in calling me selfish and a hedonist. 

Day 0 was all about setting up camp, getting all the logistics sorted, talking to the Principal and getting everything ready. Now this could be my personal sense of superiority, but at most times I think that other people are stupid at talking, like they just don't know how to talk. So much time is spent on conveying redundancies and not enough clarity is given to the matter at hand. This is no way  to show that objectively I am better at it, I just subjectively feel that I am better at it than most people. Same held true with the 6 of us. Except one kid, who still hadn't proven just how smart she was yet, the rest, though were nice people, were not too great at handling diplomacies and south indian etiquette, me thinks. 

peaceful waiting

getting the kids to listen to us, especially during the first few days of camp, was a task

Now comes the problematic parts with regards to this internship that I don't want to delve into here cause those are things I'd rather not think about, rememeber, hence not write about. After getting the admin part sorted, we proceeded to interact with the 150 kids whose charge was handed over to us in that school of 540. We had them assembled in the courtyard, introduced ourselves, spoke about the clubs we were going to be in charge of (Theatre club in my case) and then winded up the session by playing Ud Gaye and Oh Ho Ho Ho loudly and distracting every single of the 540 students and teachers in the school. The kids had fun though, so it was worth it. The first time dancing is always fun, the second and third is also fun, then it starts to get slightly boring. 

dance without music for everyone's benefit 

Plans were made, preparations done for the first day of class and I was dying to sleep. Sleep is of utmost importance and when I'm somewhere new I just become incredibly tired but unable to sleep which just adds on to the trouble and finally I just want to kill someone. 

Waking up, I realised was not too bad, especialy the first few days. So much, that I forgave those who woke up late, conveneient only for the fact that two of us got up early everyday and hence freed the bathrooms for them when they slowly did wake up late. Kids were up at 5 am and it wouldn't look too good if we didn't even seem awake enough for our 8:15 am classes. I'm particular about certain rules and I think it's quite vital for school kids to have a sense of discipline and punctuality (so that they can flout it when they hit college) and hence I made sure that I was always ready and atleast a couple of minutes early to class so it always gave the impression that I was ready and even excited about the class I was going to take that day. 

As I write these things down, I realise there are so many jokes and things that are getting skipped but I don't think I'll ever be able to write something that comprehensive and all. 

(more soon, hopefully)