from the terrace

do you ever lean against something 
                                                         (a wall, railings on a balcony)
and feel it to give way 
and fall
just keep falling
then realising that you’re still standing right there

when nothing has happened
when nothing has moved. 

do you ever wish it did 
                                  that it would crumble 
                                   fall into the ground.

do you ever wonder who would
take the trouble then of stitching up the parts 

(now i’m thinking this only because i’m 
on the terrace of a 12 floored apartment and
can hear cloth that is being torn in a house far away.)

the limbs and arms separated from the torso.

so do you ever wonder that even if someone

would take the trouble
search for you in the rubble

stitch you back arm by arm 
                        limb by limb 

what is to say that an iron rod
                                              didn’t go straight through the chest 

and the firemen won’t tell them that there was 
nothing ever there. 

do you ever lean against things? 
do you ever wonder about the what ifs?